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First Look at the Nordic Components Pistol Caliber Carbine PCC

Ever since USPSA and 3 Gun Nation opened the door to the PCC, Pistol Caliber Carbine, the race has been on to produce pistol caliber carbines at all price ranges. This year at Shot Show 2017 Nordic Components dropped their take on the premium PCC with its Modular Pistol Caliber Carbine. Early testing indicates they [...]

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Getting Started in 3 Gun; What is 3 Gun Nation?

Register for the first ever 3 Gun Nation Midwest Regional: http://3gunnation.com/regionals The Hawkeye Family is bringing 3 Gun Nation to the Midwest. More specifically the 3 Gun Nation Midwest Regionals will be held for the very first time at our favorite Minnesota 3 Gun Club www.flscmn.com. So what is 3 Gun Nation and who is [...]

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Getting Started in 3 Gun; First Look; Vortex Viper PST GEN II 1-6 x 24

Pre-Order your Viper PST GEN II 1-6x24 today at Arnzen Arms: http://arnzenarms.com/catalog-search?search_api_views_fulltext=viper+pst+gen+1-6 You may need to call the shop 952-944-1875. Arnzen doesn't want anyone to get the impression that these are in stock or readily available until they start shipping. It isn't very often that we get a chance to review a piece of equipment [...]

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3 Gun Gear Review, HIPERFIRE ECL Eclipse Trigger

HIPERFIRE ECL Eclipse Trigger HIPERFIRE.com has a great new trigger out this season. It is essential a 24C with a Nickel Alloy coating to increase life and ease of cleaning. HIPERTOUCH® 24, 24E, 243G, and 24C Specs Plus these Enhancements Nickel Alloy Finish Applied to the Hammer and Trigger Smoother Trigger Pull Prolongs Useful Cycle [...]

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