Looking for an affordable intro shotgun for 3 gun? A case for the Franchi Affinity.

Getting started in 3 gun from scratch can be a daunting task. The expenses incurred while gathering the required gear and guns can escalate quickly. Let’s look at one piece that can make or break a match, the shotgun. There are several options in shotgun makes and models, and while the modifications typically are [...]

3 Gun Gear Review – Taccom Deulin Deuces Load 4 or Load 2 Shotshell Carriers, Shotgun Shell Caddies

Sub the Channel! Get the Deuces: http://www.taccom3g.com/DUELIN_DUECES.html Taccom has done it again. This new variation for load 2 and load 4 is perfect for this shooter. For the first time I am effectively loading quads for the first time, With less than 2 weeks practice I feel no fear dropping Quads at the 2014 Nordic [...]

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