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Stuck inside again…or are we?

It’s that time of year again when the frigid northland winter has returned and brought action shooting to a grinding halt…or has it? A quick look at the MN Shoot Schedule calendar will reveal that this year we are actually pretty fortunate in that there are almost as many matches during the indoor season [...]

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Vortex Presents Shooters Source 3 Gun Championship 2016

There is definitely a segment of the 3-gun community that has a special affliction for open terrain matches. They long for the hills and ravines that were the genesis of the sport in an age when action shooting is taking place on a plane that has more in common with a tennis court. Urban [...]

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2016 Nordic Vortex Trigun After Action

It is risen! For years since its hostile political shutdown at the Del-Tone Luth range, there has been a cry to resurrect one of the first, one of the original, major 3-gun matches. I have no personal connection to the original Tri-gun. I was just coming out of my vested IDPA cocoon the year [...]

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MGM Iron Man 3 Gun Match 2016. Is it the end of Iron Man 3 Gun?

The 20th annual rendition of the MGM Ironman is in the books. As I often say, of all the matches I am fortunate enough to attend, the MGM Ironman is by far my favorite. With at least double if not triple the round count of other matches on the outlaw circuit, stages littered with [...]

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3 Gun Nation Pro Series After Action

I was still in college procrastinating on homework the first time I ever saw 3-Gun Nation. While I was already on a collision course with my 3-gun obsession, 3GN certainly was a catalyst to the sport as it exists today. Though it seemed like a pipe dream at the time, I have thrown my [...]

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After Action : Mossberg Shooters Source Shotgun Championship

The Mossberg Shooters Source Shotgun Championship proved to be quite a challenging match. Since we shoot a disproportionate amount of shotguns in our matches up north, I fully expected to step up to the plate and dominate this match. Little did I know, they play shotguns a little differently in Texas. Due to some [...]

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After Action : First 3-Gun Nation Regional of the 2016

Well the first match of 2016 is in the books. As is becoming our custom, Cazin and I went and found the very first major match we could find. I mean the ground is still frozen, we haven’t practiced much, haven’t fired a Benelli in anger in almost 4 months, and 3-Gun Nation matches [...]

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