Hello 3 Gun Shooters. The gun cart is one of the best ways to move all your 3 Gun Gear from stage to stage. We hope this video helps you put together the perfect 3 Gun Cart. Here is the parts and cost list for the build:
1) Used jogging stroller $0-50 (Basement, Friends, Side of the road, CraigsList)
2) ATV gun mounts $20-40 (Cabellas, Fleet Farm, Gander Mountain)
3) Rustoleum and painting supplies $0-20
4) Bungee Cords $0-10
5) Additional pouches $0-40
6) Dyeing supplies $3-10 (Wal-Mart)
THIS BUILD AS YOU SEE IT $105 and 3-4 hours of time

Feel free to leave us questions here or on our FB page!