Mark Stevens:

[00:00:30] Hey everybody, it’s Mark and Adam, Hawkeye Ordnance. Where we at today? We are at Forest Lakes Sportsman Club like usual. What you see behind us is one of the stages we just put together with our own blood, sweat and tears and a lot of …
Adam Maxwell: How many T-posts are out there Mark?
Mark Stevens: I don’t know, it’s more than I care to … 29,000,
But today we are here to talk about Weber Tactical.
Adam Maxwell: Weber Tactical.
Mark Stevens: Right on. So I got into these guys last year and next she became a client [00:01:00] of our marketing firm at one point. In full disclosure that’s something to think about.
Adam Maxwell: So if you find a typo on the website.
Mark Stevens: It’s him. My proofreader. These guys make, they got into the same line everybody else was doing with the operator holsters in the way …
Adam Maxwell: Lots of people got kydex going in the toaster ovens.
Mark Stevens: Yep, you got it. But he really kind of blew this thing out in the last year or so and that included a whole line of really very nice [00:01:30] competition gear. You can see it in my holster. This one’s very three gun driven, it’s a complete coverage with retention system. Just a very good solid holster and what I like about their stuff is you got lots of colors, you got lots of choices.
Adam Maxwell: Pretty cool.
Mark Stevens: Which is very nice. You just got it at a, you won certificate, right?
Adam Maxwell: Yeah, I originally wasn’t using it going into this season but I found this here on price table so I had them hook me up with a set too, [00:02:00] I got the full three gun package which a hooded holster, a rifle magazine pouch and three pistol magazine pouches. In my bag. Got a full set of double wrapped magazine pouches so I’ve just been trying them out here very recently. Got through the initial orientation phase.
Mark Stevens: Little bit of awkwardness even.
Adam Maxwell: It’s always a little strange when you get in something new but [00:02:30] got everything set the way I want now and it’s turned out good.
Mark Stevens: Before we get your impressions, just so you guys know, they do, there’s the three gun kit, which as he showed you is the mag pouches and the holster. They also do a USPSA and an IDPA or you can buy any of the pieces individually. They do PCC even some open class stuff with for the big box shot gun mags. They set them up, we both have ELS right now but you can get them, he doesn’t actually sell the hardware for ELS, he will sell them drilled though for it. [00:03:00] You can get tech lock as an option and then there’s a moly-lock and a few other things for U-command attach. But for our practical purposes it’s the ELS system and the tech lock. And then for the drop off set you have the option of the QLS with the drop off set, QLS without the drop off set or this G-code system, the RTI which I’ve been using and loving, you’re …
Adam Maxwell: I’m on the fence.
Mark Stevens: You’re on the fence.
Adam Maxwell: All the cool kids are using them and it works, I got it set [00:03:30] the way I want to now. My only criticism of it is that even though the holster comes off, it doesn’t get any easier for me to sit in a vehicle or pack this thing in a bag. I still got the big …
Mark Stevens: The big nub there.
Adam Maxwell: The big nub there.
Mark Stevens: One thing I’ll show you. This is actually …
Adam Maxwell: I like the other.
Mark Stevens: This one is actually a G-code holster hanger right here. And this is the one Adam makes which I would totally recommend because you can see he’s got …
Adam Maxwell: This is his part with the G-code paddle on it.
Mark Stevens: Receiver on there. [00:04:00] He’s got these compression screws on here so it won’t slide, unlike mine which will move around on you. Highly recommend just using his if you have that as an option. Okay let’s just go through, obviously the holster hanger, that’s an aftermarket part, it’s not really directly. Let’s talk about the holsters for a sec. What are your experience been? You’ve got the big gun in there.
Adam Maxwell: My experience has been that the holsters tend to fit a little tight and I was talking to Adam about that when we met up with him down in Texas [00:04:30] down at a match and he pointed out something that I hadn’t heard before in that in all these custom guns, they fit a little bit differently. Everyone kind of takes for granted 2011’s going to fit a 2011 holster.
Mark Stevens: That’s not the case, they’re very different.
Adam Maxwell: So he said sometimes you need to shim them for your individual gun. So you’ll see he gave me some extra shims there.
Mark Stevens: You’re filling in this space in here to make it wider.
Adam Maxwell: I actually had to make mine wider, or he says a lot of times you have to shave down the little grommets that are in there to get the fit that you want. So initially when I got this holster I was kind [00:05:00] of frustrated with it. It didn’t really fit the way I wanted to but when I put the shims in and then I got the tension right, so the screw stays in place, now it’s awesome. So I got a spacer in there and then it puts enough tension on the screw ’cause before I had it so loose that screw was actually not against the holster. So now it’s wide enough and there’s some tension on it so it stays where I set it.
Mark Stevens: One thing I really dig about these is obviously the holster a great pop to it and that is wonderful. So it’s [00:05:30] a good clean draw and I’m really happy with it. What I really dig is all these options for retention. This one’s got three tension screws on here plus the hood so if we’re shooting a stage where we’re going to start with just the pistol, I’ll open the thing wide open and leave the hood open, and it literally is nothing to get that gun out of there.
And then maybe on a bay like this, if I’ve got to make some movements but I’m not doing anything ridiculous, I’ll leave my hood open and then I just get a little tighter pop and then of course, if we’re going to go prone or do anything ridiculous now I tap that forward and [00:06:00] you can’t lose your gun. I dig that. Have you played around with that at all?
Adam Maxwell: I just use the hood all the time ’cause I don’t want my Atlas gun falling on the ground.
Mark Stevens: Okay, well there’s that. But this gun’s got a couple seasons.
Adam Maxwell: Mark’s hard on equipment.
Mark Stevens: Well we all are. That’s one thing that’s, we talked about, I mentioned this in a video I did a while ago. Outside of eyes and ears your holster is your number one piece of safety equipment.
Adam Maxwell: Yes.
Mark Stevens: So without this, this is probably the quickest the way to go [00:06:30] home for the rest of the day.
Adam Maxwell: This is most certainly, well it’s the second fastest.
Mark Stevens: Second fastest? What’s the fastest?
Adam Maxwell: Breaking 180.
Mark Stevens: Breaking 180, yeah, that’s true. It’s probably number two.
Adam Maxwell: I’ll give it a solid number two.
Mark Stevens: Top three.
Adam Maxwell: Yeah.
Mark Stevens: Let’s go top three.
Adam Maxwell: Top three.
Mark Stevens: Then we’ve got the, all the pouches. There’s all kinds of options here. The double wrap, single wrap, these are all double wrap, you can see there’s some, they look very cool. The carbon fiber, he’s got this kind of gray on gray vibe going on.
Adam Maxwell: Distressed.
Mark Stevens: Distressed gray. There’s a ton of cool colors. [00:07:00] I didn’t bring a magazine over but I’ll tell you that the best part about these is they really the magazine only makes contact with the bottom and then the lips up here at the top. So it sits super tight then when you pull on it it just, once you get it unseated there’s nothing really holding it in place so it’s just, other than the lips right here. So it comes out super smooth for me.
Adam Maxwell: And that’s what you’re paying for. A lot of people they’ll ask me, why am I paying this amount of money for a mag pouch? I can get a Blackhawk for 20 bucks. Well yes you can.
Mark Stevens: That’s true.
Adam Maxwell: But the [00:07:30] drawstroke is going to suck and if you get set it light enough that the drawstroke doesn’t suck, then it’s going to fall out. They look very simple, it seems like a very simple piece of kit to make but a lot of thought went into the contours of these mag pouches and it turned out …
Mark Stevens: Beautifully.
Adam Maxwell: Beautifully.
Mark Stevens: One thing to note is that these will all be set up bullets facing forward unless you specify. All your pistol mag pouches will be bullets forward unless you let him know you [00:08:00] want them goofy footed, right?
Adam Maxwell: Correct.
Mark Stevens: And then this guy seems to be ambidextrous to me.
Adam Maxwell: Are you guys snowboarders out there? I don’t know if anyone knows what goofy foot means.
Mark Stevens: Goofy foot? Anybody’s ever played video games knows what goofy foot is.
Adam Maxwell: Fair enough. But I think all the AR magazine pouches are going be the other way around, they’re backwards.
Mark Stevens: And all the AR magazine pouches are actually …
Adam Maxwell: Hypothetically it’s set up so you can only straight beer can it but if you loosen it up enough, you can get …
Mark Stevens: It actually will go either way. Now the mag pouches are [00:08:30] not reversible by any stretch of the imagination, the pistol ones are. But the rifle will go either way. It folds back for the rifle and pulls forward for the pistols, the way they’re going to ship unless you tell them you want something different. That should be notable on the website.
Adam Maxwell: I wonder if they’re going to put that on there.
Mark Stevens: It’ll be on the new website. I gotta go home and do that.
Adam Maxwell: On June 1st.
Mark Stevens: On June 1st. Actually yeah, it’ll be tomorrow or Sunday. New website’s coming out in just a couple of days. The [00:09:00] website will already be out by the time you see this so check the new Weber Tactical website, we’re very proud of it.
Adam Maxwell: If not, go ahead and call in, on the Syndicate and press extension one.
Mark Stevens: You could do that. That’d be a good idea. The other thing yes the kit’s really good, the gear’s excellent but the customer service, Shannon and Adam who are the owners, married couple who own Weber Tactical are super cool people. Adam shoots constantly he’s always out in the space, he’s got [00:09:30] a lot of great people on his team. Dylan Easly, Jake Perilla from the Tree Gun World and a bunch of really great USPSA shooters. He’s out there, he’s trying to figure out, he wants the best piece of gear so he’s evolving and he’s trying to put himself out of business every day like any good company.
Check in with them and go to,, that Facebook page and all that good stuff. Anything you want to add?
Adam Maxwell: Well here’s the deal guys, you can borrow your buddy’s rifle, you can borrow your buddy’s pistol, your belt, it’s about the only thing that if you forget it, you have [00:10:00] to turn around and go get. A lot of times people try to skimp on the belt and get by but this is a good place, you’re going to greatly influence your experience by getting a good set of gear here. This is certainly some of the best. Take a look and check it out.
Mark Stevens: Sounds good, thanks so much guys for watching. God bless.