Just to review: In Emerging Marketing Opportunity with Practiscore Part 1 we addressed:

  1. What is Practiscore?
  2. The Practiscore “backstory”
  3. The Practiscore Marketing Opportunity by the numbers

Part 2 : Execution : Shooters Source

After careful “cocktail napkin” analysis of the opportunity it was clear that marketing with Practiscore makes great sense for certain clients. The next step is to take a look at the demographics and decide “where and when” to spend the money.

Shooters Source is located in Dallas / Ft. Worth. While they have a national clientele the opportunity in March is in the south where matches have already started in earnest. After looking at the analytics for the site and sales numbers we identified the following states for targeting.

  1. Texas : While we have good penetration in the local market we feel there is still low hanging fruit in the Longhorn State.
  2. Florida : Florida is a huge shooting center. We have solid traffic and conversion numbers. This demo is predisposed to like what we have to sell.
  3. North Carolina : The traffic is low from NC but the conversion rate is stellar. This is the wild- card in the marketing mix.

Armed with a game plan we set out to create solid banner content that conveyed are messaging without being “Salesie”. Ultimately we decided to refine our slogan to exclude the words 3 Gun in an attempt widen our perceived audience. “Where the best in 3 gun get their Gear” was shortened to “Where the best get their gear”. We then created 3 banners featuring top selling pistol, rifle and shotgun brands. In rotation the 3 designs should carry our 3 gun bias without saying it.

The official insertion date was March 6th and we are patiently watching the analytics to check our return. Each banner ad has a unique URL which will show up in Google Analytics and Adwords. Look for Part 3 the first week of April. It is my intent to show the raw numbers and compare them to the analysis.