We Are BACK! On this weeks episode of the Syndicast we will be talking about where the hell we’ve been and what we have coming up next. We will also let you know about a new show we will be launching this Friday called the Hive. All coming up next!
Welcome to the podcast everybody… This week I am not asking you for anything but a few minutes of your time
  • On top of an already busy life with work, kids and my mistress 3 Gun (who didn’t get much attention
  • Health Scare in January
  • Strategic Match Design
  • A year of personal and professional development
  • Landmark
    • Biz Dev
      • Re-organized the business
    • Health
      • Sleep
      • Nutrition
      • Fitness
      • Biohacking to make it all work
Syndicast most Tuesdays at 12: we will continue to produce a long form show of 60 plus minutes with a focus on Branding and Marketing through the lens of action shooting. We have some awesome interviews lined up and ready to g starting with a recording I did with Adam Weber from Weber Tactical. Look for that next Tuesday! We will also simulcast the video of the Syndicast on the Hawkeye Ordnance Youtube channel. But it will primarily be a stand alone podcast.
HIVE most Fridays at 12: The hive will be a show speaking directly to my customers and clients. It The focus will be:
  • Productivity Holistically
    • Sleep
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness
    • Quatification
    • Biohacking
    • Technology
    • Practice tips
    • Basically whatever I am interested in that I haven shown a proven positive effect on the stuff that really matters like work, family, health, and generally being a mother fucker in life!
So that’s what’s up. Check out the Syndicast each Tuesday and the HIVE on Fridays at noon! See you Friday!!!