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When we started the marketing firm Hawkeye Syndicate we launched the Syndicast. The original idea was to talk about the business of influencer marketing in competition shooting. While I still love to talk influence I want to broaden the scope of topics to include all the stuff I am interested in.

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EP 41 Adam Nilson, Atlas Gunworks, The World of Manufacturing in the Firearms Climate of 2020

Highlights and Commerce You can find Adam and Atlas Gunworks on Instagram (@AtlasGunworks), Facebook (Atlas Gunworks) and YouTube IMPACTS FROM 2020 include: from embargo taxes on Chinese steel, there is a limited supply  pressure from elections, then throw in COVID  you’ve got the prepper-mindset people who are now looking at this situation a [...]

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EP40 Mike Stoker, Super Vel Ammunition, Ammo in 2020

Highlights and Commerce For more on Stoker and Super Vel Ammunition visit him on Instagram (@bulletsandbeards) and Facebook (Mike Stoker - Competitive Shooter) 3:43 Super Vel Ammunition: https://supervelammunition.com/ 3:55 Mike's Start in Multigun with a Glock 17  and a Rock River Rifle 28:31 Super Vel History, Retro Shop, Ammo, and Technical Data  35:33 What’s [...]

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EP39 Joe Farwell, Farewell Firearms, The business of firearms training

Highlights and Commerce Joe's upcoming matches and classes can be found directly on his website, www.farewellfirearms.com.  Check here for remote training opportunities as well as his upcoming Dry-Fire Series.You can also find Joe and Farewell Firearms on Facebook (Farewell Firearms), Instagram (@joe_farewell), and YouTube (Farewell Firearms Training)Joe's Every Day Carry: Sig P365 XL riding [...]

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EP38 Tim Jensen, Grunt Style, G3 Dynamics, Mammoth Sniper Challenge

My name is Tim Jensen. You may know me as the "Grunt Style 1SG". I have drank more beer, pissed more blood, banged more quiff and beat more ass than all you numb nuts put together. I am an ass kicking, hard charging salty soldier of the sea, so that means don't jerk me around [...]

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EP37 Sean Burrows on marketing and influence in 2020 part 2

Part 2 with Sean Burrows: Marketing and Influence in 2020 Let’s start with a little context: For yourself: What is your overall goal here? Where are you going with this? What industries do you look to for inspiration? Strategically: What are you using your influence to do… Personal website, sponsor website, tracking Tactically: Influence [...]

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EP36 Sean Burrows on marketing and influence in 2020 part 1

Show Notes This week on the #syndicast I am speaking with shooter, industry influencer and content creator Sean Burrows… better known as SeanGoBoom I suspect we are going to cover a lot of ground in this episode and it may seem a little overwhelming. If you are a shooter with less than 1000 followers [...]

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EP35 Tactical Games Training with Bryan Everett

Show Notes: Intro: if you have been following my Instagram feed lately you will probably have notes I am training for the Tactical Games. My guest today is the man that keeps me from doing anything too stupid in that process - Bryan Everett (Spelling) Welcome to the syndicast https://www.amazon.com/shop/hawkeyeordnance3gun Bryan’s background: 1. What [...]

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EP34 The Business of Hunters HD Gold in Rimfire, USPSA and 3 Gun

Hunters HD Gold is the Official Eye Wear of USPSA and Steel Challenge anecdotally I have seen their eyewear showing up all over competition shooting starting with where I first saw them at the PCC and Rimfire Championships. If you are aware of Hunters HD Gold odds are you have met my guest Brian [...]