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When we started the marketing firm Hawkeye Syndicate we launched the Syndicast. The original idea was to talk about the business of influencer marketing in competition shooting. While I still love to talk influence I want to broaden the scope of topics to include all the stuff I am interested in.

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EP 48 2021 Hawkeye Summer 3 Gun Series with Kevin Harrington

Highlights and Commerce Hawkeye Summer Series Match Director and my business partner Kevin Harrington and I sit down to talk about changes we are making for the 2021 3 gun season to make sure the most possible shooters get to shoot. We discuss the ammo shortage, COVID related issues and other delights that [...]

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EP45: Charlie Perez from Unclassified to USPSA Grand Master in 18 months

Highlights and Commerce This episode is packed with the genius of Charlie Perez as he shares his brilliance on the sport of practical shooting and the art of discovering your Suck List. For more on Charlie, visit him on Instagram or his website, www.bigpandaperformance.com Mentions and Recommendations: Pocket Pro 2 and CED 7000 Shot [...]

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EP 44: Trevor Cotter – Coming Up in the Industry in 2020

Highlights and Commerce For more on Cotter visit him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Mentions: Training Glasses: Vima Rev Tactical Glasses Atlas Gunworks’ Customizable Athena  Ally Outdoors  Atlas Gunworks   Safariland Group Shooter’s World Powder  Shell Shock Tech  PC Bullets  Hunters HD Gold  ATR Targets  https://thegundies.com/ Save 5% at Arnzen Arms, Atlas Gunworks and Triple C Pro [...]

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EP 43: 2020 Christmas List with Hawkeye Ordnance

THE LIST: #2: FITNESS GEAR: Squat Rack X-3 Bar  #6: RANDOM: Nordic Axe  Double-Kick Pedal #1: GUNS: Sig 552 Commando  Wilson Combat Supergrade Commander  #10: POKEY STICKS: Karambit (Or a Folding CRKT)  Benchmade Infidel  Benchmade Butterfly Razor #3: SUPPLEMENTS: CBD Balm Ancestral Supplements #4: GEAR: Vortex Razor 1-10 2011 Mags  Ulfhednar Range Bag  #5: [...]<