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3 Gun Shooters! Here it is… We challenge you to take the 28 day 3 Gun Dry Fire Challenge to improve your draws, sight acquisition, reloads and transitions between firearms. While we are supplying everything you need for this set of drills we highly recommend that you go over the to pick up the full book Refinement and Repetition. It is an invaluable resource for all competition shooters. There is also a ton of great information on Steve Anderson’s podcasts We cannot thank Steve enough for allowing us to use pages from his game changing book — Refinement and Repetition!

28 day 3 Gun Challenge
– 3 x 45 minute sessions per week
o We highly recommend you make this a priority by scheduling the time in advance for the next 4 weeks (e.g every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8PM)
– Sessions
o Each session will utilize a primary and a secondary firearm
o 28 days allow for 2 complete rotations of the following (start anywhere you like in the rotation)
• Week 1
• Session 1 – Rifle / Shotgun
• Session 2 – Shotgun / Pistol
• Session 3 – Pistol / Rifle
• Week 2
• Session 4 – Rifle / Pistol
• Session 5 – Pistol/ Shotgun
• Session 6 – Shotgun / Rifle

o Session Drills — taken from Refinement and Repetition
• Primary Firearm Drills
• 10 – Yard Index
• 10 — Yard Surrender Index (pistol only)
• Burkett Reloads (see video for modification)
• 6 Reload 6
• Front Sight Forward
• Bill Reload Drill
• Primary to Secondary Firearm Drills
• 6 reload 6
• Bill Reload Drill
• 1 X 6 (Ref Video: head and shoulders)
• Drill Reps and Times
• 5 Reps — no time
• 5 Reps — par time
• 5 reps — 0.1 — 0.2 faster that par
• Chart your par times and progress with the included Drill Chart
• Note: Do not go faster than you can… Speed is important but not at the cost of practicing skills wrong.

o Table of Contents
• Hawkeye Ordnance 3 Gun Dry Fire Challenge intro
• Title Page and Copyright Page from Refinement and Repetition
• Complete Table of Contents for from Refinement and Repetition (see what you are missing)
• Precautions for Dry Fire from Steve Anderson
• Drills
• Sight Picture Confirmation
• 10 – Yard Index
• 10 — Yard Surrender Index (pistol only)
• Burkett Reloads (see video for modification)
• 6 Reload 6
• Bill Reload Drill
• Primary to Secondary Firearm Drills
• Front Sight Forward
• 6 reload 6 (repeat)
• Bill Reload Drill (repeat)
• 1 x 6 (Ref Video: head and shoulders)
• 3 Gun Challenge Dry Fire Drill Chart
• Refinement and Repetition Drill Chart
• 1/3 IPSC target — Prints on 8.5×11

Most Important Item — Have fun doing this. Most of us will never be Grand Masters or 3 Gun Nation Season Champs. If it is a bore than change it up. Everything above is borrowed from Steve’s book, with his permission, and can be altered to suit the shooters needs. Push yourself, or don’t. Do the drills you suck at twice as much or half as much. The point here is to get off the couch and start cleaning up your technique or shake off the rust before the season kicks off. When you are ready to go a step further pick up Steve’s book and take it to the next level.

Last thing… This is a first attempt at something like this and we need your feedback. Comments, questions and critiques are always welcome. FB, Youtube, call, email, or whatever your preferred social poison. Let us know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.

Good luck with the challenge and God Bless!

Mark (Shooter – Raconteur)