Blair is an open class amateur champion, has been competing for years and has a unique talent for helping new shooters understand the game better and the different elements of 3 gun competition.

Glock, AR-15, JM 930, Benelli and Gunsmithing provided by Hawkeye Ordnance

Mag pouches, Holsters and gun belts purchased from Ron Westberg at Unholstered

Taccom DUALOADS and QUALOADS provided by Hawkeye Ordnance…

Bolt Carriers, buffers and fire control groups (triggers) purchased from JP Rifles

Ap Custom Shotshell Carriers and shotgun magazine extensions purchased from Nordic Components

Optics purchased from local stores – check out Midway USA and Brownells for great deals.

Sites you should visit for more information on shooting sports and protecting your rights

If you live in MN, IA or WI

If you have any questions or want to tear me up for mistakes and bad judgement feel free to email me at