What a difference a year can make. 2013 and 2014 will go down in the books as an arms race to see who can load a shotgun the fastest. We sat down with 3 of the top shooters locally to discuss their preferred shotgun reloading technique and what, if any, changes they will make to their 3 gun shotgun loading style at the end of this season. Adam Maxwell (P3 Multi-Gun) loads traditional off AP Custom Caddies, Jonah Klevesahl (Arnzen Arms) loads dual loads off Carbon Arms Pinwheels, Jake Latola (P3 Multigun) quad loads off Taccom Quadloads and Mark Stevens (Hawkeye Ordnance) loads quads off off of Taccom Deulin’ Deuces. All the shooters agreed that for the new 3 Gun Shooter Dual Loading is the best to start with. Thanks to all the shooters that participated!