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I have been demoing PCCs all summer and this is my favorite. The cost benefit is right on. Everything you need and no need to spend over $1200. The Primary Weapons System 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine.

The PWS PCC uses a blowback gas system, and features a variety of unique upgrades from your traditional pistol caliber carbine. Starting with the PCC compensator, this muzzle device delivers superior muzzle stabilization allowing shooters to have quick follow up shots. The free float M-LOK handguard and billet lower receiver are designed to be sleek looking while also robust enough for non-stop heavy use for competition. The last-round hold open features a unique interface that works with standard GLOCK mags.

Operating System: PWS PCC Blow-Back w/ integrated Bolt Carrier Group
Muzzle Device: PWS PCC9 Compensator for flash suppression and muzzle stabilization without overpressure
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 16.1”
Barrel: Premium 41V50, Button Rifled, 1/2-36 Threaded Muzzle
Twist: 1:10
Handguard: MLOK 15” Handguard (1.5” width, 2.0” height)
Upper Receiver: T6 6061 Billet, Anodized
Charging Handle: Radian Raptor™ Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Lower Receiver: PWS PCC-9 Lower, T6 6061 Billet, Anodized, Compatible w/ AR-15 Pattern Take-down Pins, Last Round Hold Open Bolt Catch w/ Lifter
Trigger: Mil-Spec Enhanced, PTFE Coated.
Trigger Pull Weight: 5.5 – 6.5 lbs.
Buffer Tube: PWS patented Enhanced Buffer Tube with 6-position settings, ratchet lock castle nut and end plate set with built-in QD mount
Buffer: PWS Enhanced PCC Steel Body Buffer- Extended Length
Furniture: Bravo Company USA® Buttstock, Pistol Grip

Overall Length (Collapsed): 32.5” (Extended): 36.0”
Height: 7.5”
Width: 2.25”
Weight: 6lb 14oz

– – Hey everybody, it’s Mark with Hawkeye ordnance and we’re back. So, it’s been a long year not doing a lot of content. If you want to find out more about that check out the podcast the Hawkeye Syndicast podcast, where the fuck have you been? And it’ll give you a chance to check out what we’ve been up too. But, we’re gonna be doing more views and I’m gonna start that off with this bad boy.

So after a year of doing PCC reviews this is the gun that I’m probably gonna end up with because this is the one that is a really great balance between price and features. So this is the primary weapons systems nine millimeter PCC. Takes glock mags. I’ve got these ones here from Arnzen Arms with Taylor freelance base pads on them. Again, we’re using the sig elite ammo and I got a case of this at Arnzen Arms last year. So all of the guns, or two cases, all of the guns we did PCC reviews we did with this ammo.

So this guy is really nice it’s filled with features for the price. You’ve got billet, lower receiver, nice big open hand guard for your finger trigger spot for your well there. It’s got the oversized mag release. All the rest of the controls are, you know, really what you’d expect. I just got this vortex crossfire. What is it? The crossfire? I think it’s a crossfire. Eh, I’ll put it in the notes. Got the vortex red dot on there. Just a simple basic setup. There’s nothing really to write home to mom about or nothing to be ashamed of with this rifle. It’s got everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

I found it to be maybe a little, a little rougher ride than the JP but not by much. It’s certainly not, you know. These things are about 1100 bucks give or take 50 where you find it compared to the JPs at like 17 1800 dollars. If you’re really into PCC you might want to go all the way there with a JP rifle but I found the PWS to kind of be the right mix of price and features for me. And, uh, she runs great. I’ll charge it, though. We’ve got some like 75 yard steel down there. Pretty consistently hitting it off hand. I mean, it’s just a really nice little gun and it’s just a great package and you’re gonna love the price.

So, I think at this point, the one thing I could do maybe to give it a little softer ride. The comp that’s on here it does have a compensator on it. It’s kind of a compensator flash hider combo and I don’t know that those make that big a difference in the PCC world but that’s one thing we could change out. And then the other thing, of course, is just using some of my, like, ORM tac release. Super soft shooting, stuff that I run on my 2011s. That could definitely make a big difference in overall performance of the gun. But man, it’s just a really easy gun to run. This is the one I would really, really, really, highly recommend.