PCC or Pistol Caliber Carbine is the perfect entry division for 3 Gun and USPSA and the attractive price point of the Ruger PC Carbine makes it the ideal gun to get started.

Taccom has long been innovating for shotgun and PCC with Cost effective and fully functional gear, upgrades and mods.

The marriage of Ruger and Taccom brings about a race ready PCC with all the kit for under $800! What are you waiting for!!!!

– – Hey guys, this is Mark with Hawkeye Ordnance, and we are back! Yeah. So, just with business, and life, and kids, and my health, some things got in the way, took a few months off to kind of get all that organized, and now we’re back, kinda midsummer 2018.

I wanna pick up where we left off with the PCC review, so we talked a little bit about some of the companies involved, like Webber Tactical, JP, and you know, there’s gonna be more. The one we’re gonna talk about today is Taccom. Tim over at Taccom set me up with a couple of different guns he’s got.

This is the Ruger american-er, no, sorry, this is a Ruger PC Carbine, right, and the Ruger PC Carbine just came out this year. It’s a pretty cool little takedown rifle carbine, 9mm, and they’re about 500, five and a quarter on the open market circa 2018, and then, of course, Tim from Taccom, he’s one of those guys that sees something like this and thinks there’s a market, so he did this version of it, which essentially starts out with the carbine, and I’ll get all the prices and everything loaded in here, but he’s got a muzzle brake for it. This is a prototype mount right here for your red dot. It’s got the big chunky magwell, it’s got a couple of charging handles, and then this button here which replaces the really crappy mag release that comes with the gun. Tim also, he’s been in the PCC game for a while, he’s got this is his modular extension that gives you, what, 45-50 rounds out of a 9mm? And we’re going to try it out with a couple of different mags. We’ve got a Glock mag, we’ve got looks like a Magpul magazine, and then, not sure the company on this, but we’re gonna give this a shot as well. And then of course we’re using the same ammunition we’ve used in all the guns so far. So that Arnzen Arms supply elite performance ammunition from Sig Sauer.

Let’s just go through really quickly the gun itself without all the doodads and all the additions so that we get some sort of a sense of what we’re talking about. What the base unit looks like, so. This is the Ruger, and I’ll get some pictures to fly in, but you’ve got a threaded barrel, decent little iron sight-peep sight set up, I’ve shot this a little bit, we had a stage set up here, at a three gun match the other day. I’ll roll in some footage of that, shooting, like, 75 yards off a support.

We are doing a review of the Ruger PCC, so this one is a 9mm with the Glock mags. I’ve got one that’s fully decked out with all the toys from Taccom. This is the bone stock unit, of course with this extended magazine from Taccom on it. I’m gonna jump in and shoot against my friend Connor Spiess over here in what will be the JKM shoot-off simulation here. I’m gonna skip the clays, but we’ll see how this goes, alright? Alright, shooting’s going very well. Yeah, I got one! No, I’m out of ammo! Glock magazine! Whoa, loose Glock! Wow, that’s not as easy as it looks. –

[Cameraman] It didn’t look easy. – Well, it actually shoots really soft, it’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to trying the one that’s a little more decked out with some toys and a sight.

It took me a while to get dialed in with the sights, but partly it’s ’cause I’m just not that great with iron sights, I don’t have a lot of experience. You’ve got a fluted barrel for weight, a little charging handle set up there, there’s some picatinny on this. The reason that Tim replaces the front sight with a piece of picatinny is ’cause this is a takedown, so we can see how it works if I lock the bolt back. So you lock the bolt back, there’s a bolt lock right there, and then you can freely remove the front, so the whole thing takes down to, like, little tiny package for backpacking, whatever, which is pretty cool, depending on what your intended function for this gun is. But, you know, given that you definitely would wanna have your sights out on the barrel so that they ae consistent when you’re taking the gun up and down. Actually, it’s a really good charging handle on the original gun, I’m a fan. The bolt release, there’s a bolt catch, and if you wanted to, if you click it, lock the thing back, otherwise if you wanted to charge it again, just let it go. Trigger’s okay, safety is pretty standard for a plastic trigger housing, and the one big complaint with this gun is this bolt, the mag release right here, which is just in a really weird spot, it’s very unusual, it’s, like, backwards for guys who are using AR-15s. It’s just a little goofy. So Tim replaced that with his part here, and so it’s still in the same spot but his idea is you go and you kind of just literally like drag down and grab your next magazine and put it in. And it should, so if you come through it like this, then grab the next one and put it in, and then you’re back into playing. Seems to work pretty good. We’ll go through this a little bit more when we’ve got the guns out, we’ll shoot ’em for a bit. I’ll try to get pictures of everything, and then we’ll come back and talk about the guns. The differences whether the recoil system and the brake on the upgraded one make any real difference. Using the red dot versus the peeps, which you gotta believe is gonna be a better experience. And then this charging handle on both sides, we’ll have to check that out. We’ll see you guys after we shoot some stages. So, you know I’ve only shot these a little bit. So, we’re gonna run a few more, just go through a few runs with this, just kinda get used to the whole thing. Pretty cool little gun!

We’ll do one more round of testing and then we’ll swap out with the fancy gun and do a little side by side comparison. Look, I mean the short answer on just the gun itself is, for 500 bucks, if you’re looking for a gamer gun that’d be fun to come out and shoot competition here this would be a pretty good choice, cool gun. Alright, let’s see, gotta reload some mags and then we’ll, we’ll fire up the hot-rodded one. We got the one that Tim at Taccom decked out for us. It’s got kinda all the toys, butt stock, magwell, charging handles, it’s got the, prototype rail, and then, muzzle brake. I’m not familiar with this Holosun, I’m not gonna tune it at all, I’m just gonna take a look. So far I’m not terribly impressed with the Holosun, but we’ll see how that goes, alright. You know, first blush, I don’t notice a lot of recoil difference but I’ll tell you, ergonomically it’s fantastic. Much easier on the mag change, but you know, obviously the red dot is making a big difference, but. Okay. Let’s give it another go. Cool! Alright, definitely got time for one more, or enough rounds for one more. So, I honestly can’t tell whether the brake is doing anything or not, and I don’t know that that’s really an issue either way. It sure looks cool and I’d probably do it regardless. As it relates to the gun, and the handling of it, none of the tricks have really updated the gun and its shootability, it has, however, made it far easier drop the mag, get a new one in, the left hand charge really is a big deal for me, that’s something that. I mean, I guess you could, in theory have it on one side or the other. I’ll have to look into whether they’re ambidextrous or not to begin with. And then of course, throwing this rail on and putting the red dot on there is probably the number one upgrade, but I don’t know. It’s nice that the control changes that he made are significant. So let’s give that another go and see what we get here. Shot the wrong target at first there. Yeah, it’s, for the small amount of money it’s gonna cost to make these minor changes, you still got a solid, like, 750 gun here. I’ve shot some nice guns, and I mean, there’s no question, some of them are better, but. It’s a lot of gun for the dough.

Alright guys, so, had a chance to really, let me get my earplugs out, they’re done. Match is over. So, had a chance to run both these guns in a little bit of three-gun and some USPSA, and then today had a chance to really just back-to-back try them out against the, this steel set up that’s here for USPSA match. And I will tell you that just starting with this guy, which is the traditional Ruger, this is a pretty cool gun. I mean, I would highly recommend this for anybody looking to get a little PCC to play with, maybe a little backpacking gun, I mean, you could honestly get started in games with just this and build on it.

I have no problem recommending it for people. And then the question is, is you know, looking at the mods and stuff for Tim from Taccom’s got, what is worth doing? And I’ll be honest with you, this is the modded-out gun again. No question, I would do the rail and the sight on top, the charging handle on the left side is absolutely mandatory, and I like the a little wider than he put on his. This is a must, the mag release is the big issue with the regular PCC, and I did like the magwell, I didn’t do lot of movement stuff. So I didn’t get a chance to really do this, but I can’t imagine it’s bad, and for the price is totally worth it. The real question would be the brake. I think, and Tim may have some, you know, information on this, but in my personal opinion, we were shooting just 115 grain, that Sig Sauer, it’s just a good clean range ammunition through this. I didn’t feel the brake running at all. It does look badass, and frankly if I was doing all this for the gun I’d probably do that just for fun. Although, having said that, I think running this thing suppressed would be a blast too, although that’d be the end of it for USPSA, I suppose.

This is an amazing little gun and totally worth it, and, you know, Tim does some great stuff over there worth checking out. I also really found this to be really good and reliable, this is his magazine extension, which is a very simple addition to a 30 round glock mag, and gives you, like, 50-some, which is wicked awesome. Alright guys, it’s good to be back, glad you had a chance to check out these two guns.

If you have any questions put it down in the notes, otherwise follow us on Instagram @hawkeyesyndicate, on our Facebook channel, which is @hawkeyeordinance or @hawkeyesyndicate or @hawkeyeignite for the events. And then check out taccom3g.com and all of their subsequent online assets, their Instagram page, their Facebook, and all that. And check out all the cool stuff Tim’s doing, whether you’re into the Ruger PCC or not, he’s got some other really cool innovative PCC things out, and then also of course all the shotguns, here he does these are my old sports here. I still carry them, I still use them all the time for practice, they’re great. And we’ll see you guys next time, thanks so much.