Finally!!!Due to popular demand, indoor 2-gun has come to fruition. Hat’s off to the MN 3-Gun Group for finding a host venue to keep our fingers on the triggers during the cold season, and what a venue they found! Osseo Gun Club is a fairly new range to the Twin Cities area, and this was my first visit. From an action shooting standpoint, what stands out the most about the range is that it is well lit and well ventilated. Indoor matches always seem to have weird shadows and contrasts that can make the front sight go peak-a-boo on you. The smoke that usually hangs in the air also cleared noticeably faster than it does in other venues. I don’t worry about it like some folks do, but air movement when down range of the “stalls” is a real thing. I’m extremely impressed by this new facility and that they are open to MN3G hosting events there.

Now indoor shooting is indoor shooting. Space is always tight, and there is only so much a match director can do with stage design. I don’t think Jomar had to dig too deep into that sick conundrum between his ears for these, but they were right on the money. They were straight forward enough to flow well and adequately used the available space…and yet had just enough a twist to confuse a simpleton like me. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the season. Of note was the use of bladed targets for one stage. In four second intervals targets appeared and disappeared in the array. There was just enough time to blaze through them, but there was a hefty price to pay if one got off pace. We consumed about forty rounds per gun and 4 hours of time from start to finish. It was an excellent use of a Sunday morning if I do say so myself.