Atgeir Mk2: Benelli M2 with 3 Gun Shotgun Mods


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Suitability: 3 Gun, Tactical Shotgun, IPSC Shotgun


  • Allow 4 weeks delivery
  • Includes Benelli M2 – If you already have a gun and just need the mods go here
  • Choice of barrel length (26″ recommended for 3 Gun)
  • Port opened to accommodate load 2 and load 4 (quad loading)
  • Lifter welded, lengthened and polished for easy loading and to prevent Benelli M2 thumb
  • Left or Right side charge
  • Trigger Job
  • Forcing cones lengthened to improve pattern and reduce recoil
  • Bomar adjustable rear sight
  • HiViz Front Sight
  • Oversized Controls
    • Nordic Components Charging Handle
    • H/O BFB Mk2 Bolt Carrier Release
  • Choice of Nordic Components Mag Tube Length
  • Ghost Load Mod
  • Out of Battery Mod
  • 2QDs in Stock and 1 up front for ami slinging
  • Match Saverz Color of Choice
  • A&S Engineering Trigger Guard


The Atgeir Mk2 takes what we learned from the Atgeir and adds all the premium parts and 3 Gun Upgrades.

Description: An atgeir, sometimes called a “mail-piercer” or “hewing-spear,” was a type of polearm in use in Viking Age Scandinavia and Norse colonies in the British Isles and Iceland. It is usually translated in English as “halberd”, but most likely closer resembled a bill or glaive during the Viking age. Another view is that the term had no association with a specific weapon until it is used as an anachronism in saga literature to lend weight to accounts of special weapons. Later the word was used for typical European halberds, and even later multipurpose staves with spearheads were called atgeirsstafir.

Mythology: Gunnar Hámundarson was a 10th century Icelandic chieftain. He lived in Hlíðarendi in Fljótshlíð and is probably better known as Gunnar of Hlíðarendi (Old Norse: Gunnarr á Hlíðarenda). He features prominently in the first half of Njáls saga, which tells of the chain of events ultimately leading to his death in battle. Gunnar was a great warrior — he is described as nearly invincible in combat. According to Njáls saga, he was a powerful, athletic man “capable of jumping his own height in full body armour, both back and front”. He was a skilled archer, and in close combat his weapon of choice was the atgeir, which scholars consider to have been a halberd or glaive of some sort. He was said to have taken this famed weapon in battle from a man named Hallgrímur, while on a Viking raid to the island of Eysýsla (Saaremaa in present-day Estonia).

1 review for Atgeir Mk2: Benelli M2 with 3 Gun Shotgun Mods

  1. John Staats (verified owner)

    So this was the first real competition shotgun I have purchased. When I got it in I was as happy as a kid at Christmas. Opened the box and I was shocked to see all the goodies that were there.
    The detail on the receiver and the lettering were impressive. The lightened bolt and ability to switch the charging handle to the left side of the receiver was absolute money. I will say that this purchase was absolutely worth every penny, 10/10 would buy again. They also sent multiple colors and replacements viz front sights. still haven’t had a chance to run it in a match but I have been practicing with it and it is absolutely smooth. Love their work. Thanks to Blair and his team for making a great product that doesn’t break the bank. They also sent the stock parts so this will replace my regular hunting shotgun for any and all of my needs.

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