Suitability: 3 Gun, Tactical Shotgun, IPSC Shotgun


  • Allow 4 weeks delivery
  • Includes Benelli M2 – If you already have a gun and just need the mods go here
  • Choice of barrel length (26″ recommended for 3 Gun)
  • Port opened to accommodate load 2 and load 4 (quad loading)
  • Lifter welded, lengthened and polished for easy loading and to prevent Benelli M2 thumb
  • Trigger Job
  • XS Rear Sight
  • HiViz Front Sight
  • Oversized Controls
    • Nordic Components Charging Handle
    • H/O BFB Mk2 Bolt Carrier Release
  • Choice of Nordic Components Mag Tube Length
  • Ghost Load Mod
  • Out of Battery Mod
  • QD in Stock
  • Match Saverz Color of Choice
  • Optional A&S Engineering Trigger Guard +$189