Highlights and Commerce

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IMPACTS FROM 2020 include:

  • from embargo taxes on Chinese steel, there is a limited supply 
  • pressure from elections, then throw in COVID 
  • you’ve got the prepper-mindset people who are now looking at this situation
  • a lot of first-time new buyers (about 5 million of them)
  • demand on the system has never been stronger

A look at the supply chain for the steel / aluminum / plastic parts / small widgets system

There are something like 70 parts in the Atlas 1911 Doublestacks

Atlas makes nearly 60% of their parts in-house.  For everyone who is importing parts, they are now dealing with: 

  • COVID situations in other countries
  • shipping delays
  • customs delays

What Atlas is doing about parts manufacturing and the pros and cons to manufacturing everything in house.

Expectations with long-term and trickle-down effects on manufacturing — both in the firearms industry and elsewhere.

The world of Atlas and smaller smiths, including:

  • Dealing with the demand on your vendor
  • Atlas’s pivot to parts and the upgrade with space, power, and the growth of the company

Atlas history, 101

Predictions for 2021 opportunities and dangers in the industry and with the current and future administrations. In addition to what Adam is looking at, he highly recommends getting square with your ammo and firearms wishlist.

Plugs and opportunities including what’s coming in 2021 with the additional floor space.

  • Military / law enforcement project
  • R&D including a new 4” pistol with aluminum frame
  • Frame-grip-slide customizable combos
  • what to do with no Shot Show in January

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