This week on the #syndicast we are talking with Dustin Sanchez – Heavy Shooter, Influencer, Marketing {title} for JP Rifles, and now a marketing partner for the Nordic / Vortex Tri-Gun.
Welcome brother! We have been trying to get this done for a while…
Heavy Shooter:
How did you get started in action shooting? Multigun?
What is the fascination with Heavy?
Lets talk a bit about your influencer journey. It is similar to mine. Some up front and a lot behind the scenes.
Personal IG : 1000
Personal FB : 900
JP IG : 27.4K
JPFB : 21k
When did you first start repping companies? Paid or unpaid?
Who are you working with now?
We have had some offline conversations and I think you and I are headed in a similar direction. What is your plan for this season?
“Follow my shit!”
JP Rifles:
How did you get started at JP?
Wen did you move from the assembly line to marketing? Was it mostly photography?
Last year you got thrown head first into taking on JP’s sponsorship and more marketing. What has that been like for you?
I love JP but, I wouldn’t consider them an open book until recently. It has been fun to watch them bust out of their cocoon. What has been your role in that?
What have you learned?
For more info on JP Sponsorship:
Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun
From the outside it looks like after the 2017 Nordic Vortex Tri-gun the MN3GG realized that they needed to make a change in how they delivered value to their sponsors. Did they come to you right away?
What was your strategy last year?
What can we expect this season?

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