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Cameras and Gear for filming 3 gun and creating influencer content
You can find all the gear we recommend on our Amazon page:
Stick with your smartphone at least at the beginning. You can do a ton with a smart phone and basic editing software.
Upgrade 1: Filmic Pro Mobile for iPhone and Android gives you a lot more control of the quality of picture, focus, compression, etc. It gives you zebra stripes for exposure and edge highlighting for focus. $14.99
Upgrade 2: Small table top tripod / Large Tripod $20 – $200 Look at Sunpak or Manfroto
Upgrade 3: Rode VideoMicro $50-60 with the dead cat and all the cables you need for mobile or a DSLR
Option: Samson GoMic $200 lavmic
Upgrade 4: Osmo Mobile 2 $120-130
1080 vs 4K from Filmora.com:
There are a number of reasons why 4K has pulled clearly ahead of 1080P in terms of picture quality. These reasons focus mainly on factors surrounding the way it is able to resolve extra fine detail, being able to see this detail when seated closer than ever to the screen, and from a production point of view, the ability to scale down the recording to regular HD and other formats while retaining the high contrast, highly detailed quality of the original (particularly when viewed up close).
The top three reasons that 4K video trumps 1080P are: Detail, Closer viewing, Scaling
Upgrade to DSLR or Video Camera
Highly recommend a comcorder for ease and cost. Sony has some awesome cameras for all price ranges we particularly like the AX53 $800-1000
* 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) recording of more subtle detail and color
* Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ with Intelligent Active mode
* 1.05 inch ZEISS Vario-Sonnar® T* lens with optical 20x zoom range
DSLR will give the very best video quality but requires the most work
We love the Panasonic G85 $600-700 with a basic stabilized lens and G5 $1400 body only. Expect $300-whatever for a lens.
Other considerations and gear:
Storage, on camera
Storage, off camera
Processing requirements for editing
More Microphones Rode Pro
Editing software
Inexpensive: iMovie free for mac Adobe Elements $70 one time
Top of the line: Adobe Premier $20 per month and Final Cut Pro $300 one time
Mobile: iMovie, android adobe has an option google best video editor android and read..
Lewis Bisono, 3 Gunner, Short Bio:
I did not grow up around guns as I was raised in an anti gun household. I started shooting in 2010, about 2012 I started shooting bowling pins and steel plate matches. I wanted more action, found 3gun around 2013.
So I’m very particular when it comes to video content. In the early days when Instagram was only 15 seconds I jumped in and started creating small comedy videos which can still be seen on my other page @lewis_kankoo. It’s been prob 5 years since I filmed a comedy skit and mainly got out of it because I felt like the market was getting saturated with garbage content that wasn’t funny. On top of that people started paying for subscribers and I wanted to organically grown my own audience without having to buy fake followers. Then I really started getting into shooting so that page kind of died off but I still leave it up because a lot of people enjoy the old ones. Heres a quick example:
Those were the good old days. All done on my iPhone 4 lol. My current goals would be to share what I’m learning and seeing everyday with my audience. I think the #1 thing that makes phone videos kind of blah is the audio. I tend to watch much longer when something  is recorded with a mic versus someone recording how to’s as they hold their phone. I’d like to start a YouTube channel for videos that are longer etc. plus it would be cool to get some badass stage videos.

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