The first 10 people that sign up to be registered for the Midwest 3 Gun Regional between 7PM and 9PM Central Time will receive a free 1 year 3 Gun Nation Membership worth $45! One lucky winner will be selected from the 10 to shoot the match completely FREE – a $275 value!

3 Gun Nation will email all the registered shooters Friday via email with their  registration information for the match and the included free membership with a NEW paid match fee.

We will announce the winner of the free match fee and membership at 9PM on the Hawkeye Ignite Facebook Page.

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The Midwest 3GN regional is almost here. With so many matches going on across the country, it’s easy to see this as just another one, but it’s actually quite the extravaganza. First of all, most matches are singular stand-alone events, 3-Gun Nation events are actually part of a five event series qualifying for and leading up to the 3-Gun Nation National Championships. In addition to the match itself, there are many events happening under the umbrella of a 3GN Regional. 

3 Gun Nation Midwest Regional April 8th and 9th

The center piece of the event is of course the 3-Gun match. The match consists of eight stages of the fast and furious 3-gun action that 3GN is famous for. 3GN stages are known to be blisteringly fast pasted, infinitely technical, and full of options. The Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club has a lot of offer as a canvas for 3GN to paint on in the form of unique terrain, multiple bays, and even a 330 degree hidden bay. In addition to its own prize table, the Regional 3-gun match is a qualifier to seed shooters into the National Championships in the fall which is filled via a tiered merit system.

Shotgun Speed Shoot April 8th and 9th

While the battle rages around and toward the prize table on the 3-gun stages, there is also a Shotgun Speed Shoot being held. The speed shoot consists of five fixed time courses of fire with blazing fast scatter gun action. Minnesota is home to arguably some of the best practical shotgunners in the country, so this could prove to be quite a brawl, perhaps even fiercer than the 3-gun match itself. It is not just a side match either; the Speed Shoot is a dash for cash. The more entries, the deeper the pot and entry into multiple divisions is allowed.

3 Gun Training April 7th

For those still in the discovery phase of their 3-gun careers, there is plenty of opportunity at the Regional as well. There are instructional classes being held of Friday April 7th to build and hone your skills or perhaps learn a new trick or two to use in the match. Mike Sexton and Chad Drewery are teaching 3-Gun 101, which is exactly that- the basics of what one needs to know to participate and be successful in 3-Gun matches. Keith Garcia is also teaching a separate class focused specifically on the great equalizer of the sport- the shotgun. Keith has honed if not invented many of the current techniques that make shotgunning a decisive skill set for success in the sport. Participation in either class will also have the added benefit of free 3GN membership for 2017 and discounted entry into the match.

Free Range Officer Class April 2nd

It takes a lot of range staff to run any 3-gun match. To date most range safety officers have been informally mentored by others or crossed over from certification in other shooting sports. 3GN is the first to offer a 3-Gun specific range officer curriculum addressing the unique aspects of safely running a multigun stage and officiating matches based upon the 3GN rule book. Those who want to learn how to RO or perhaps would like a refresher, join us on April 2 for an official 3GN Range Officer Training class.

The Big Show!

Finally, as seen on TV, the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series will be aired live and uncensored on location at the Midwest Regional. Six Pro’s will be duking it out for two available slots into the Nationals Shoot-off for the chance at the $10,000 grand prize. Two rounds of prelims will seed 4 athletes into a head to head shoot-off under the lights. With representation from Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the Midwest round of the Pro series promises to be quite a show loaded with hometown favorites.