3 Gun Nation Midwest Regional Flash Sale

The first 10 people that sign up to be registered for the Midwest 3 Gun Regional between 7PM and 9PM Central Time will receive a free 1 year 3 Gun Nation Membership worth $45! One lucky winner will be selected from the 10 to shoot the match completely FREE - a $275 value! 3 [...]

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Stuck inside again…or are we?

It’s that time of year again when the frigid northland winter has returned and brought action shooting to a grinding halt…or has it? A quick look at the MN Shoot Schedule calendar will reveal that this year we are actually pretty fortunate in that there are almost as many matches during the indoor season [...]

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Refer a friend – Get a Silent Capture Spring from JP Rifles!

Shooters! We have a handful of spots we still need to fill. Let all of your friends know about this great match! If  they enter your name in the [Referring Shooter] field on practiscore you will be entered to win a JP Rifles Silent Capture Spring for your rifle! The only catch is that [...]

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The Physical Demands of Iron Man 3 Gun 2016

I am writing this on the plane headed home from the Iron Man 3 Gun 2016 Competition. For those of you that are not involved in action shooting, Iron Man is a 3 day 3 Gun event (Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns) in Parma Idaho. Iron Man combines 3 days of intense shooting with unusual stage [...]

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Mini 3-Gun Overview 2016

(Dakota being the poster child for miniature or "mini" 3-Gun is completely coincidental) As winter melts into spring, the season is drawing near for the beginning of Wednesday Night Thunder. While week night pistol matches are fairly common place, few-if any- week night 3-gun leagues exist. While the opportunity is ripe with possibilities, it [...]

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