Rob Romero asked us to forward this email to you for the RO class on site April 2nd @ 4pm.

1) Download class materials. 3 total docs

Class Outline

Multigun Rules

Range Office Exam

2) Take the exam and bring to class on April 2nd.

3) Utilize and search rules to complete the exam. This is an open book test.

4) Please highlight in the rules or take notes for clarification on specific rules and procedures for class discussion that require further clarification.

5) Go over and sections 1.0-5.0 and become familiar with the 3GN Safety, Range Commands, Firearm Abandonment and Grounding, Scoring and Targets. (You will be dealing with these sections with every competitor and stage shot in this match.) We will be hitting these sections hard again.

6) Arrive on April 2nd before 4pm with note taking materials, water or hydration and NOT hungry. We at this time will NOT be providing refreshments.

7) ROs will be shooting the match for score the following Thursday and Friday and I we will cover other range subjects where necessary and stage design dictates