This podcast is commentary on the last 8 years of shooting, content, videos and reviews with Blair and myself.  You can find more of our shenanigans on YouTube and Blair’s pistol, rifle, and shotgun modifications at the shop.

Quick Hawkeye History: 8 years ago I walked out onto my first 3 Gun field with a brand new set of Nothing I Needed and a 6.5′ bearded Viking pointed at me and told me I was with him.   And that was it.

Blair grew up in Decorah, Iowa with his dad who had a love of of guns and hunting.  In 1979 he started his reverence for shooting with a Savage Single Shot 22 and has never looked back.

For the rest of our mentions, check out our video history below.

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Mark’s Video and Commerce References

Trapped in Cowboy Town at Holmen Club Match

Getting Started in 3 Gun: 3 Gun Gear, What do I Need for 3 Gun Matches or USPSA

Gear Mentions: Bladetech Belts and Holsters //JP Fire Control Trigger Package // Vortex Strikefire // Taccom ShotShell Holders // Scope throws

Firearm Mentions: Colt Carbine // Mossberg Mariner Pump // Nova Pump // Glock 34 // Benelli M1 and M2

Getting Started in 3 Gun: Shotgun Reloading and Shotgun Caddies, What do I Need for 3 Gun Matches


Taccom Dual and Quad Loads

AP Custom 4×4 

Getting Started in 3 Gun: 3 Gun Belt Setup

Commerce Mentions:

Belts: CR Speed // Blade-Tech // Safariland

Holsters, Mags, Caddies: Blade-Tech Holster // CR Speed Pistol Mag // Bladetech Rifle Mag // Tacccom Dual Load Shotgun Caddie

3 Gun Gear Review – Vortex Viper PST 1-4 and Vortex Viper Reticle

Vortex Viper PST 1-4

3 Gun Gear Review, Taccom LWC, Taccom AR15 Rifle Compensator

They don’t make this anymore.  Tough shit.

Getting Started in 3 Gun, Traditional Caddies, Dual Loads and Quad Loads Revisited

Traditional Load

Dual Load

Quad Load

3 Gun Gear Review – Vortex Optics behind the scenes – Vortex Razor, Vortex Viper

Commerce Mentions:

Binoculars: Crossfire and Razor

Riflescopes: Viper PST // Razor HD // Viper HS LR

Round Table Gun Reviews – Walther CCP

We would love your comments.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 – 3 Gun Gear Reviews

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24
Other Mentions:


55 GR Freedom Munitions

3 Gun Guns and Gear 2016, Part 1 Rifles

I’m carrying an 18″ JP-15 here.

Other mentions and additions:
Armalite 15

14.5″ JP 15

Lightened JP Bolt Carrier

Hiperfire trigger

Vortex glass

JP MK III Hand Guard

3 Gun Guns and Gear 2016, Part 2 Shotguns

3 Shotgun recommendations: Benelli M2 // Beretta 1301 // Browning A5

We highly recommend modifications including Nordic QD Mounts, charging handles, and Benelli chokes.

Also check out the Hawkeye shop for customizable modifications.

3 Gun Guns and Gear 2016, Part 3 Pistols

Mentions: STI Edge // Grundhauser 2011 // STI Apeiro // STI DVC // STI Marauder

3 Gun Gear Review, HIPERFIRE ECL Eclipse Trigger

Hiperfire Hipertouch ECLipse Trigger 

3 Gun Gear Reviews, Atlas Gunworks Titan 2011 Pistol

Atlas Titan and Magazines

We also recommend checking out Triple C Range Events (Formerly Shooter Source)

3 Gun Gear Reviews, Invictus Practical Holster Hanger

Invictus Practical Holster Hanger at the Vortex Presents Shooter Source 3 Gun Championships

3 Gun Gear Review, Invictus Practical Caddies, 3 Gun Shotshell Caddies

Invictus Practical Shotgun Caddy

Carbon Arms Shotgun Caddy

3 Gun Gear Review, Voodoo Tactical 3 Gun Bag

VooDoo Tactical 3 Gun Bag

3 Gun Guns and Gear, A&S Shotguns Enhanced Trigger Guard for Benelli M2, Breda, Stoeger

Check out the mod shop for the A&S Enhanced Trigger and Trigger Jobs.