Highlights and Commerce

Joe’s upcoming matches and classes can be found directly on his website, www.farewellfirearms.com.  Check here for remote training opportunities as well as his upcoming Dry-Fire Series.

You can also find Joe and Farewell Firearms on Facebook (Farewell Firearms), Instagram (@joe_farewell), and YouTube (Farewell Firearms Training)

Joe’s Every Day Carry: Sig P365 XL riding in Priority 1 Holsters
Mark’s Every Day Carry: Sig P365 riding in a Vedder Holsters

Pistols: Atlas GunworksGlock 34 , Sig P320 XFIVE Legion , Tanfoglio Limited Pro and CZ 

Shotguns: Benelli M2 and Stoeger M3K (Shameless Plug: Hawkeye Ordnance Atgeir and Atgeir Mk2)

Optics: Joe and Mark both shoot Vortex Optics.  You can grab their scopes at all price points. $200 Strikefire to a $2000 RAZOR depending on your preference.

Other gear mentioned: Scope throw, Shot TimersGun Carts, Gun bagsMag Extensions, Mag Couplers, Protac Flashlights, RomeoZero or Vortex Red Dot Sights, and Safariland Underbelts and ELS Kits 

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Mark’s Interview Notes

  • Started law enforcement career in 2007 as a volunteer for the Lake Wales Police Department in Florida He later served at the Winter Haven Police Department and quickly progressed into specialty units.
  • During his time at the department he was assigned to patrol, Field Training, Tactical Patrol Unit, General Crimes Unit, Violent Crimes Unit, Special Investigations Unit, and took over as the lead detective for the Gang Suppression Unit.
  • Emergency Response Team in 2014 – Entry, Sniper, instruction
  • For the past 9 years Farewell has been an avid competitor in USPSA and 3-Gun. In 2019 he was selected to represent the USA at the IPSC Rifle World Shoot in the Semi-Auto Open Division where he took home a hard fought silver medal with Team USA.  Other notable finishes include the 2019 3 Gun Nation National Champion (both practical and 2 gun divisions), 2019 USPSA Area 6 Multigun Champion, and the 2020 Florida State USPSA Limited Master Champion.
  • In 2016 Joe started Farewell Firearms Training and offers instruction for all shooters, from novice to advanced.
  • There are very few people that make their living primarily from the shooting part of the firearms industry. Discuss… Endorsements, Training, Salaries, etc.
  • Defensive Classes: Intro to CC, Handgun Fundamentals, Carbine Fundamentals and Ladies Handgun. Why don’t you see more intermediate and advanced defensive classes?
  • Comp Classes 3 Gun Level 1/2, Comp Handgun, Pre Match 3 Gun Clinic, Advanced 3 Gun. Open discussion
  • Remote Training: Where you doing these classes before COVID or is it a direct response? What do you think the natural evolution is?
  • Dry Fire Challenge: Experience Editing this series. Significant change to my pistol presentations and holster placement.
  • Sponsors: UM Tactical, G9 Ammo, Big Daddy Unlimited, Dissident Arms, Vortex Optics, Atlas Gunworks, Grizzly Ears, Priority 1 HolstersStart discussion around sponsorship and influence.
  • Free 3 Gun Gear Guide: Striking a balance between great info and sales. 
  • Sales Funnels
  • 3500 followers on Facebook:Is FB still relevant for you?
  • 20k followers on Instagram: Is IG still a powerful tool of influence or is it in decline?
  • 115k on TikTok:  open discussion based on answers