One of the ideas we came up with for the Hawkeye Ignite series this year was what I like to call a progression stage. The idea behind the stage is that we will run the exact same stage every week all season long. Now, I probably won’t get the tape measure and string line out like I do you the Kirkwold…but it will be pretty close and conceptually the same. The thought being that folks can measure their progress throughout the season and/or experiment to problem solve and master the fastest way to shoot it. There are certainly some macro 3-guns skills that El Transition will be good practice for, but I also think there are some subtleties that I look forward to seeing more advanced shooters chew on. As a base line of data is established, I think this stage will prove to be very interesting.

The premise of the stage is pretty simple. Six paper targets of one type and six paper targets of another type- 3GN and IPSC Classics for example. One set of like targets is to be engaged with one gun of the shooters choice and the other set is to be engaged with a different gun. Upon the start signal, shooter engages targets with Gun A and then safely transitions to Gun B to engage the second set. There will then be a second string were the shooter starts with Gun B and then transitions to Gun A. The combination of the two times plus penalties is the shooter’s score for the stage.

El transition is very loosely based upon the classic El Presidente pistol drill devised by the late great Jeff Cooper. El transition can be engaged with any legal combination of rifle, pistol, or shotgun. Draws, splits, transitions and abandonments are all keys to a good score in this stage…and it is a stage- on the clock for score. I very much look forward to watching the community digest this stage.